We have a very generous return policy. We exchange wrong sizes for free and you can return products anytime for a refund, if they have not been overly used.

Please contact us if you have specific questions or if you want to return a SensoGlove.

Below is a legal text we are required to publish on our website under international laws.


You may cancel the contract during 14 days after receiving the order.

The cancellation period is 14 days after you or a qualified 3rd person that is not the shipper has received the order.

To execute the cancellation, you have to declare your decision with an explicit statement (By mail, EMail or Fax) to us (SensoSolutions GmbH, Karlsgraben 14, 52064 Aachen) You may use the attached withdrawal form, but you are not required to.

To observe the cancellation deadline, it is sufficient to send the cancellation after the deadline has expired.

Consequence of Cancellation

If you cancel the contract, we will refund all payments that we received from you including delivery cost (excluding extra cost that you chose on top of cheapest standard shipping) not later than 14 days after you have cancelled the contract. We will use the same payment method as in your order. In no case we will charge refund fees.

We may refuse the refund, until we have received the returned products or you have shown proof of return, whatever comes first.

You are required to return the products immediately, not later than 14 days after cancellation of contract. You are required to pay return shipping cost.

You will not be charged for depreciation of the returned products, unless the products have been used more than required to check quality and basic fuctions.

---------- Cancellation sample form ----------

If you want to cancel the contract, please fill out the form and return.

- To: SensoSolutions GmbH, Karlsgraben 14, 52064 Aachen. E-Mail: info@sensoglove.com
- I/We hereby declare cancellation of the purchase of the following products:
- Ordered at ( ), received at ( )
- Name of the consumer:
- Adress of the consumer:
- Signature of the consumer: (only required if returned on paper):
- Date: